Wanted: iPhone toddler mode. Can’t delete apps, send anything or buy anything.

Sitting in a car outside Morelli’s in a wet and windy Portstewart sending a couple of emails thanks to their free wi-fi. Thanks.

Nostalgia is obviously the enemy, but I forget why exactly.

Watching #ubb Feeling nostalgic.

Sleepy in Portstewart, Ireland.

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BorisBike problem: no empty spaces anywhere in Soho/Covent Garden.

Overheard: “Then a huge amateurish drawing of David by Michelangelo with a cartoony pinstriped canary on his shoulder.”

Walking into town with S thanks to the charming help of the Haringay commuters. — at Finsbury Park http://gowal.la/c/2sc58?137

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Watching Transformers — it is awful. Boring too.

Just bought a Magic Mouse. Sucker.

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Overheard: “Jesus was born on a bank holiday, died on a bank holiday, so he’ll probably return on a bank holiday.” Got to love Radio 4.

Getting everyone here to sign up to @Dropbox. Not sure how they did any work before.

Using different typefaces.

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Dealing with a root injection hack thingy. Oh joy. @briefly is helping me.

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Back in London, betting with the cab driver on the best route home. Real man talk.

In ‘The Lab’

Taxi driver Heart FM FTW.

Off to Düsseldorf again. Driving through empty London streets.

I’m either all “people are idiots, we’re doomed” or “people are great, everything will work out okay in the end.” I should make my mind up.

Happy new Eels album day.

Whoops. Instead of that snooze I should have been working.

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A small monkey has been hitting a clay pot very quickly outside our flat all night. At least that’s what it sounds like.

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I was somehow put through to my own phone by a telecoms company. I listened to the voicemail from myself — I didn’t recognise myself.

I want to like Campaign Monitor, but the UI is very confusing.

“Our records show that you have previously been sent two reminders to pay council tax…” Your records are wrong.

Dear body, you have been vaguely ill non-stop for 4 weeks now. I’m ready to be fully better. Thanks, Andrew

“Choppy,” eh?

“Choppy,” eh?

BorisBike review: inevitably a bit rubbish, but, hey, it’s not a proper bike is it? And it does the job well.

BorisBike? Surely there is a better nickname?

First time. http://twitpic.com/2f8ytr

There is a power cut here in our little corner of Crouch End and the alarms are going crazy.